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FIPP Congress

The Iberoamerican Federation of Periodontics (FIPP) will hold the first global congress completely online in November.  The aim is to uniting countries that speak Portuguese and Spanish and making them one voice, an inclusive and innovative community.  The online congress will bring accessibility to all dentists, universities, and companies committed to research, improving the oral and general health of the

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In the month of July, we had the wonderful privilege of attending the PhD theses defense of Gloria Ramirez and Carlos Benitez (Carlitos). They have brightened us up with beautiful presentations and scientific discussions promoted by themselves, with their examination board. The theses titles were: – Gloria: Effect of a toothpaste containing oleanolic acid on the reduction of gingivitis: a


98th General Session and Centennial Celebration of IADR has been canceled

After thoughtful deliberations, the Boards of Directors of the International Association for Dental Research and the American Association for Dental Research, with input from the Canadian Association for Dental Research, the IADR Pan European Region, many Institutional and Corporate Members and individual Members, have made the difficult, but necessary decision to cancel the IADR/AADR/CADR General

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