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Interproximal supragingival biofilm control: The challenge of personalization


Cassiano Kuchenbecker Rosing
Gerson Pedro José Langa
Juliano Cavagni

Supragingival biofilm control is one of the main preventive and therapeutic strategies in Dentistry. It is related with the population changes on the prevalence of oral diseases, especially periodontal diseases. As it is a strategy that demands behavioral changes, often there is difficulty in obtaining desired effects. This situation is especially true in interproximal surfaces, where normally there is need of incorporating other agents for biofilm control beyond toothbrushes and dentifrices. In this context, dental floss and interdental brushes have their role. However, especially referring to the use of dental floss, in the way it is used by the population, its effects may be limited. In this sense, it is important that other strategies are incorporated in order to try to compensate the poor results of flossing. Therefore, newly designed toothbrushes and antisseptics incorporated both to dentifrices as well as to mouthwashes arise. The aim of the present article is to make an in-depth discussion about possibilities of compensating/enhancing effects of interproximal biofilm control, under a personalized perspective.

Tags: Periodontology, Preventive Dentistry
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