Periodontal disease and its impact on Latin America and the Caribbean - 2024 Consensus Report

The 2024 Periodontal Disease Consensus, organized by the Latin American Oral Health Association, represents a key step towards improving periodontal health in Latin America and the Caribbean. Progressing from the 2020 Regional Consensus, it addresses the region’s periodontal challenges, oriented by the latest classification and treatment guidelines. Central to the initiative is the exchange of research tailored to local health challenges, advocating a comprehensive approach that integrates socio-economic, cultural, and public health aspects to ensure effectiveness and cultural relevance.

The papers from the 2024 Periodontal Disease Consensus are open for inputs on this public consultation platform. Therefore, we invite dentists, researchers, institutions, and associations to contribute. This collaborative platform, organized by the Latin American Oral Health Association (LAOHA), encourages a broad spectrum of professionals to offer insights and feedback. By involving a diverse group of stakeholders, the consensus aims to refine its strategies and ensure that they are tailored to meet the unique periodontal health challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean. We hope this consensus signifies a collective commitment to improve regional periodontal health.

Chapter 1 - Prevalence of periodontal diseases

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